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Construction Bin Rental in Toronto 

If you are remodelling your living room or constructing a new space, you would require a place to discard all the debris. This is where Ontario Trucking & Disposal comes in. We offer construction bin rentals in Toronto for all your demolition waste removal needs. Depending on the scale of the work that is being performed, the material that is being hauled away, and the location where the bin is being placed, you may need multiple small bins, one large bin, or some other specialized arrangement. Whether it’s taking away old building materials or removing junk from the abandoned property, Ontario Trucking & Disposal has construction bin rental for your projects throughout the GTA.

Available Bin Sizes for Rental

Several bins of varying sizes are available at Ontario Trucking & Disposal, each one providing a different volume for construction waste. Those sizes are:

  • 6-yard mini-bin

  • 8-yard mini-bin

  • 10-yard mini-bin

  • 14-yard bin: 4’H x 7.5’W x 12’L

  • 20-yard bin: 4’H x 7.5’W x 18’L

  • 30-yard bin: 6’H x 7.5’W x 18’L

  • 40-yard bin: 8’H x 7.5’W x 18’L

Recommendations can be made for the different rental bins depending on the construction project at hand. For example, if the construction project is to remodel an entire home, the 40-yard bin is probably the best bet, depending on how big the home is. However, if you’re only renovating one room in that home, the 14-yard construction bin rental is probably a better bet. Likewise, our 10-yard mini-bin is great for roofing projects, as it can hold around 100 bundles of shingles.

All of the mini-bins are great for small projects, like renovations of specific parts of a home. 14-yard and 20-yard bins are ideal containers for disposing of large, bulky items and general construction debris. The 30-yard and 40-yard bins are the largest options available, and work well when extensive work is being done, such as full-scale renovations, large demolition projects, and cleaning up the damage from a flood or fire. During the scheduling phase, our professionals can discuss with you what your project is and what bin is best for you and that project.

Tips for Renting the Right Construction Bin

Renting a construction bin provides for an efficient way of collecting your extra waste. Having a bin close to your construction site is the easiest way of keeping your work site clean and debris free. We created a list of  factors to consider when rent a suitable construction bin in Toronto:


  • Determine your budget
    The total cost of your rental is billed around the size of your chosen construction bin as well as the frequency of replacing the bin by the bin rental company. It is advisable that you consider these factors beforehand.

  • The size of the bin
    It is very crucial to choose the right site of your construction bin. The size of the bin is often determined by the size of your construction project as well as the estimated amount of waste you will be collecting, keeping in mind the municipal laws.

  • Material to be collected
    This is another important factor that can influence your decision for choosing the construction bin. You need to be aware of the type of material you will be disposing of in your bins as well as perform sorting if applicable.

  • Environmental factor
    We believe in making our environment waste-free, but it also requires a collective effort. So, you should choose the construction bin rental company that works towards minimizing the collected waste material through recycling.

  • A professional service
    It is one of the most confusing and an important step when choosing a construction bin for rental in Toronto. You should always look for reliable and professional construction bin rental services.


At Ontario Trucking & Disposal Inc, we use sustainable methods by performing eco-friendly waste disposal for all our clients.

Mini Bin Rental in Toronto

Mini bins are roll-off containers that are well maintained, affordable, and convenient to use for various purposes and project works. Whether you are a commercial contractor, roofer, property manager or homeowner, we have a bin to meet your requirements. You can use them to dispose of non-hazardous materials or waste.

You can rent our varying sized mini bins for the following purposes:

  • Drywall

  • Roofing materials

  • Construction debris

  • Electronics

  • Household products

  • Packing material

  • Outdoor waste

The above mentioned are a few of the waste material(s) that can be disposed of in the mini bins. You can rent our mini bins for easy and hassle-free clean-up and waste removal.

What You Can and Cannot Throwaway in the Bins

For the bins that we offer, there are some materials that cannot be put into the larger bins, including the 20-yard bin and up. Because of the higher weight of the materials, things like concrete, asphalt, fill and brick rubble can only be put in the 6-yard, 8-yard and 10-yard mini-bins as well as the 14-yard bin. For more information on what can and cannot be placed in our bins, check out the page on what goes in a dumpster rental.

Contact Us for Construction Bin Rentals


Are you looking for mini bin rentals in Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA? We at Ontario Trucking & Disposal can help. With a selection of different sizes of bins, ranging from 6-yard bins to 40-yard bins, we make sure that you have the proper containers for your construction project. Give us a call to schedule a bin rental and deliver or ask questions,  and we will gladly assist you.


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