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Claudio Sciacca

Phone: 416-674-6858 ext. 32

John Mendes

Phone: 416-674-6858 ext. 23

Recycling Concrete & Asphalt into Fill Material

OTD Recovery Facility

Family-owned and operated, the JCL Group of companies takes our commitment to the environment seriously. We have taken steps to limit our own environmental impact while encouraging a healthy, sustainable future.

At the Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. Recovery Facility, we are capable of recycling the concrete and asphalt we pick up through our daily removal and disposal services. We crush these materials and then reuse them as fill materials on jobsites.

Aside from keeping concrete and asphalt out of landfills, recycling has many other benefits. It reduces the environmental impact of the aggregate extraction process and protects natural resources. The use of recycled materials will also reduce the economic impact of various projects. Additionally, transportation requirements related to the disposal and production of new material are greatly reduced.

If you have questions about our recycled materials or want to know more about the Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. Recovery Facility, please contact us.

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