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Why You Should Use a Stone Slinger for Your Next Job

A pile of stones on the ground

Don't suffer the slings and arrows of moving materials.

Working with a wheelbarrow and shovel is difficult. Find the tools you need to get your job done whether you want to install a new driveway or dispose of some materials.

A stone slinger is one of the most popular tools in trucking, disposal, and renovations. Yet few people know what a stone slinger does. Here is a quick guide to it.

The Anatomy of a Stone Slinger

Stone slinging trucks are large trucks with a high trough. Materials are stored within the trough, which has a live bottom system. The system connects to a belt, and the belt slings materials off of a small bed.

An operator controls the bed from the truck. They can pivot the bed horizontally or vertically. Most trucks have a 220-degree working pivot radius with a 23-degree pivot above and below the horizontal, covering the length of an entire driveway or field.

Stone slingers can place materials from up to 100 feet away. The operator can pivot the bed while the live bottom system is running, creating an even spread.

Despite their name, stone slingers can move all sorts of materials. They can sling dirt, sand, and recyclables.

Recycled concrete and asphalt reduce the carbon footprint of extraction and transportation. They are just as strong as original concrete and asphalt.

Benefits of Using a Stone Slinger

Before stone slingers were invented, disposal units used blower trucks. Blower trucks were inaccurate, using high-pressure blowers to move materials. They required multiple personnel to operate, and some personnel became injured by the fast-flying materials.

Stone slingers are very accurate. They provide an even spread of materials because the bed can pivot, even whilst the central system is in motion. They can place materials from dozens of yards away, but they remain accurate at short and medium distances.

Stone slingers are very fast. The belts run at high speeds without failing, and stone slingers eliminate slow manual labour. One operator of a stone slinger can complete a project in less than one day.

Stone slingers do not create waste. Blower trucks can blow away materials whilst wheelbarrows and shovels can create spills. Materials move from the truck right to where they need to be.

Stone slingers can also work within narrow spaces. An operator can park the truck by the delivery site, and then pivot the bed to deliver materials. There is no need to wheel out materials over a long distance.

Lay of the Landscape

Stone slingers are large trucks with a central system and conveyer belt. The system hauls materials at high speeds, slinging them over a distance and creating an even spread.

A stone slinger is perfect for landscaping and paving. They cut long projects down to less than a day, and they free up personnel for other projects. They work with concrete, stones, and recyclables, reducing the environmental impact of disposal.

Get a lay of the debris removal landscape. Ontario Trucking & Disposal provides a number of services to meet your trucking, landscaping, and recyclables needs. Contact us today.

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