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Why Ontario Trucking and Disposal Is Your Best Choice for Bin Rental

A dumpster bin outside

Canadians create about 31 million tonnes of garbage waste each year. Disposing of that waste properly is crucial.

If you're anticipating a lot of garbage following a construction project or yard work, you need somewhere to put all of that debris.

Are you trying to figure out how to rent a bin? Do you need help figuring out which company you should choose for your bin rental?

Keep reading below to learn more about our company, and find out why hiring JCL Group is the right choice.

Methods Used

You want to choose the best bin rental company in the area that will reduce their waste by using recycling methods.

Not all bin rental companies care about their impact. If you feel strongly that proper waste collection and waste management is important, you should consider the methods that the bin rental company you're considering uses before hiring them.

We use management and disposal methods that keep the environment in mind.

Customer Experience

Because there are so many bin rental companies out there, it's a good idea to do some research before you choose one. You don't know anything about these companies when you get started, so it's a good idea to review what others have to say.

Check out online reviews and testimonials to see if the company you're considering is really a good fit.

Our services include:

  • Bin rental

  • Stone, sand, and gravel placement

  • Stone slinger service

  • Pump truck services

  • Recycling concrete and asphalt

JCL Group has been working with the community for decades now to provide some of the best customer service around. In addition to that, we give back to our community because we care about the people in it. When you're in need of assistance, we are here for you.

Consider Materials

If you rent your bin from JCL Group, you'll find that you can put most things into our bins. Some examples of acceptable items include:

  • Construction or renovation debris

  • Yard debris

  • Electronic items

  • Old furniture

  • Appliances

It's important to think about the type of materials that you need to dispose of before you hire a bin rental. If you have hazardous waste or toxic items, like explosives, paint, or propane tanks, you may need to find an alternative method of waste removal.


If you are in need of a disposal bin, but the company is hours away from you, they may not be a good option. Not only is this less convenient for you, but it also may mean that you won't be able to get access to rent a disposal bin as soon as you might need it.

In addition to that, companies that are too far away might charge you extra money for the hassle.

If you're in the Ontario area, JCL Group is a great option for you. With 24 hours' notice, we allow you to keep the bin for up to 7 days so that you have adequate time to use it.

Do You Need a Bin Rental?

Whether you're completing a construction project, a home renovation, or simply need to dispose of some trash, we have you covered.

JCL Group has been serving the community for over 40 years.

If you're searching for a bin rental in Ontario, contact us today.

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