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What You Can and Can’t Dispose of in a Construction or Renovation Garbage Bin

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Making use of a garbage bin rental is the best way to keep your work site clean, safe and more efficient for your contractor. But you cannot dispose of all types of construction materials in a garbage bin. Identifying disposable materials can be tough for a homeowner. We have crafted this job to help you out in identifying what you can and can’t dispose in a construction garbage bin.

JCL Group has been providing various types of pump trucks, stone slingers, disposal bins and other equipment since 1976. We are a family business serving the Greater Toronto Area and its surrounding areas. We have prepared this blog to help you learn what all you can and can’t put in a garbage bin.

What You Can Put in a Garbage Bin

Most of the nonhazardous waste or debris or junk is allowed, such as -

Furniture: Tables, chairs, couches – almost all types of furniture can be dumped. In some landfills, upholstered furniture and mattresses are not allowed to be disposed and in others, they are allowed with an additional fee. The local area’s regulations also come into play while deciding this.

Appliances: A majority of general household appliances such as AC units, refrigerators and dryers are allowed to be thrown in a garbage bin rental but hazardous components such as freon should not be thrown into them.

Electronics: Computers, TVs, printers and other electronics are generally thrown in bins in most cases but if it’s in large quantities, you can recycle them as e-waste.

Yard waste: Tree branches, grass and other green waste can be dumped in most garbage bins. Your area’s regulations should also be considered. In certain locations, you can fill a landfill to its limit while in others, you can fill only up to a certain limit.

Construction debris: Materials such as asphalt, concrete and brick can be disposed of in garbage bins. JCL Group provides specific bins designed for such heavy materials.

Roofing shingles: These are another type of debris that is allowed to go in a dumpster. Sometimes, a fee will be charged to dump these items in the bin.

Renovation debris: Wooden materials, drywall, sidings and other debris can also be dumped.

Others: Curtains, toys, old documents, carpeting, cardboard and similar non-organic trash can also be put in a garbage bin.

What You Cannot Put in a Garbage Bin

Generally, you cannot put any hazardous materials, such as -

Paint, lacquers and stains: You cannot throw thinners, paint or wood stains in a garbage bin, except latex paints. If you have latex paint that can’t be used, solidify it by pouring it into shredded paper or a box with kitty litter. Toss it into the bin once it’s hard.

Dangerous waste: Pesticides, asbestos, motor oil, propane tanks and medical waste should never be put in garbage bins.

Organic Waste: food waste, manure, animal waste, human waste, sewage, and slaughterhouse waste.

Looking for Garbage Bin Rentals?

You can count on JCL Group for removing concrete, dirt or other debris from your commercial or residential job site. Our technicians can advise you on how to select the right garbage bin rental that suits your needs. Our staff will drop off the bin at the requested location and will arrive to pick up when it’s full.

Contact us today for our garbage bin rental services.


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