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What Not to Put in a Rental Bin

Rental garbage bin with the lid open.

In Canada, in 2018, the amount of disposed waste decreased by 5% in the non-residential sector.

When getting rid of garbage at your commercial site, it's important to know what can go in your rental bin and what can't. As a building owner, it's essential that you have all the information when it comes to waste management.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about trash bin rental. Read on so you can start disposing of your waste properly.

Vehicular Fluids

The first thing you'll want to avoid putting in your JCL Group rental bin is vehicular fluids. Liquids can be hazardous and cause contamination. Transmission fluids, engine coolants, and other vehicular oils should be disposed of safely and ethically.


Batteries can be extremely dangerous if you don't dispose of them properly. Batteries that sit in your rental bin that are exposed to the sun have a high risk of sparking.

Avoid putting them in your rental bin to eliminate the chance of fire. Once they are in the landfill, chemicals like lead, cadmium, lithium, mercury, and zinc will leak out into the ground.

This increases water and ground pollution. Instead of putting them in your garbage bin rental, research a battery drop-off location.

Appliances, Mattresses, and Tires

While it's not illegal to put mattresses and tires in your rental bin, it is frowned upon. These items are much harder to dispose of. It takes extra care to get rid of appliances and mattresses and the rental company will likely charge you extra if you place these items in the bin rental.

While it may take some extra steps for you to get rid of your large appliances, mattresses, and tires, it will be beneficial in the end. These items are often recyclable and reused and it'll save you money by not putting them in the bin.

All Chemical Agents

It may be easy to throw away old paint cans in your bin rental, but you shouldn't. Many paint products contain oils and other chemical ingredients that are hazardous. The solvents will have easy access to local water sources, making it dangerous for the entire community.

Pesticide products are similar to paint products and shouldn't be placed in the trash bin rental. Even though you've likely used pesticides on the outside of your building, they can still cause harm to the environment after they've landed in the landfill.

Rental Bin Restrictions

Your commercial building likely produces a lot of waste. Whether you're working on a new project or renovating your building, having a large trash bin rental will be helpful.

Before having a rental bin delivered, it's important to research what items can and can't be placed in it. As a business owner in Toronto, it's important that you do your part to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills.

Give us a call here at JLC Group. We have a variety of bins for you to rent and our team can answer any questions you have about waste management.


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