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The Benefits of Using Recycled Material on Jobsites

Recycled material on the floor

Did you know that 94% of American citizens support recycling?

Reusing our waste is vital if we want to save our planet and not run short on resources. From plastic to steel, everything we throw away should be recycled instead — if it can be, of course!

If you're working on a job site, it's important you think about the planet whilst carrying out your project. When it comes to recycled material, jobs and projects could benefit from them.

Find out how you could take advantage of recycled construction materials and help keep our planet safe.

Save Money

When it comes to the benefits of recycled materials from a business point of view, the cost savings shouldn't be ignored. By buying materials that have been left-over from other projects or salvaging them, you can usually find the things you need for a whole lot cheaper.

You might even find people are happy to give you their waste materials to avoid disposal costs, which is a major perk!

Help the Planet

Our planet only has a finite amount of resources. By using recycled building materials, you can help what we have last longer. It's also important to remember that new resources, such as glass and metal, take a lot of energy to produce, which can be reduced by opting for recycled products instead.

Make sure you try to recycle your waste too for bonus eco-friendly points and pass the advantages of recycled materials onto someone else!

Get in Community Good Books

If you're looking at recycled materials for jobsites, you might want to consider the pros of community planning. With sustainability becoming a big goal for many communities, being able to show how you're being more sustainable could help you gain planning rights.

Your development might also look more favourable to others living in the surrounding area, which definitely isn't a bad thing.

Cash in on Incentives

Alongside gaining planning permission, you should also look into the green incentives in your area. A lot of local communities have government incentives in place to encourage eco-friendly building. These can include tax breaks, loans, and even grants to reward you for your more sustainable approach to building.

Recycled Material Jobs

While this might not directly affect you, if you want to do a little better for your community, then focus on using recycled materials and recycling your own.

Recycling materials actually creates jobs in the local area, which is a huge plus! For every 1,000 tons of waste recycled, around 2 jobs are created, which might not seem like much, but adds up quickly if we all chip in.

Get Recycling

Using recycled material for jobs and projects is something that we should all be focusing on more. But you should also be remembering to recycle your own waste and dispose of non-recyclable items responsible to help our planet.

For sustainable waste disposal you can trust, learn about JCL Group or get in touch with our team today.

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