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How Long Should I Rent Dumpster Bins for Renovations?

dumpster bin rental

If you are renovating your home, you have to plan how to deal with the waste that accumulates during the process. Construction activities usually generate waste such as concrete, asphalt and metals. The piling up of these waste materials can interrupt and slow down your daily construction activities. This is where the importance of dumpster bin rental services comes in. A bin can effectively store the entire junk. But, deciding how long to rent a bin for can be confusing for a homeowner. Our blog can help you in making this decision.

Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ontario has been providing dumpster bin rentals to both residential and commercial clients since 1976. Whether you need disposal bins, tri-axles, dump trucks or stone slingers, you can always count on us. We also provide concrete pump truck services for your distant or high rise needs.

How Long Should I Rent a Bin For?

Most reputable companies allow clients to rent the dumpster bins for around five to seven days. This duration is usually sufficient to dispose all the waste accumulated during a renovation.

For long term projects, many companies might allow you to rent the bins for 14 days to a month or longer in certain cases.

Discuss what exactly you need with the customer care representative. Discuss your unique needs and the estimated timeline for the completion of your renovation project. Abide by the company’s standard rental period to avoid paying additional daily charges.

How do I Handle All the Waste Before the Bin Arrives?

Start your renovation project a few days before the dumpster bin arrives at your premises. Collect and store the waste in one particular location, so that it can be dropped off in the bin with ease once it arrives.

Should I Be Present During the Delivery of the Dumpster Bin?

Most companies do not require you to be at home to receive the bin. However, if you are at home, the technicians can show you how to correctly open and close the bin’s doors. Use the bin until your renovation project is completed and then calls the company to pick up the full bin.

Our industrial haulers here at Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ontario are experts in removing concrete, dirt or other debris from both residential and commercial job sites. We provide cost-effective dumpster bin rental services in Toronto. We ensure on-time delivery and pickup of bins for renovation, construction and demolition projects. We specialize in removing:

· Concrete

· Garbage

· Dirt

· Asphalt

· Snow Read our blog post - How to Choose the Right Size Dumpster Rental for Your Next Toronto Renovation Project – to learn how to pick the right dumpster bin for your project.

Call us for more information on our dumpster bin rental services!


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