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Five Things to Consider When Renting a Dumpster


Investing in quality dumpster rental services can give you peace of mind by getting rid of several problems. The services effectively eliminate the burden of safely disposing waste, including hazardous substances. Whether you are renovating, building or moving, become more organized by managing waste. A less messy place makes your employees and clients more effective and safe. It can rule out the possibility of compensations or lawsuits following workplace accidents. Ontario Trucking and Disposal Ltd. offers responsible eco-friendly disposal of waste like concrete, asphalt, garbage and snow from your site.

Suggestions for Choosing a Dumpster Rental Service:

The convenience of an onsite standard dumpster is indispensable. As choosing the right service is important, here are six tips for you to make the ideal selection:

1. Select the Right Dumpster Size: Analyze and understand the size of the debris. You don’t need a bin too big to waste your money while something too small won’t be sufficient enough. You can try considering a size bigger than the minimum size you feel is appropriate. For example, if your construction project is the renovation of a small room, you will need a small bin for items like carpet or scrap wood. If you are dealing with the construction of a roof, you will need a large dumpster for various construction wastes like metal, concrete and bricks. Our bin-sizes range from a 4-yard mini-bin to a 40-yard bin.

2. Choose the Correct Place for It: Place the dumpster at a convenient place for use. It should be positioned at a levelled spot, free of obstructions like vehicles and equipment. Don't place it on or near a drain and there shouldn't be any electrical wires or tree branches hanging over it. It is recommended to have at least 22 feet of free space above the bin for safe delivery and pick-up. If you have to place it on the street, make sure you have the required permits.

3. Check the Accessibility: The dumpster should be easily accessible for all your employees for its maximum utilization. At the same time, ensure it is easy for the pick-up truck to get it from there.

4. Watch the Fill Levels: You may not want it to be over-filled or become too heavy; it will be risky to lift an extremely heavy bin.

5. Contact a Professional: When you work with us, you can be assured of quality products and client-oriented services. We own a large fleet of state-of-the-art dump and hauling trucks. Our professionals will help you understand the type and size of bin required for your project. Once decided, we will drop the bin at your requested location and also pick it up when it fills up. Go through the list of items which can go in our dumpsters and never mix up items you aren’t supposed to.

Contact us today for dumpster rental services or book online for your next project.


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