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Downsizing: How to Prepare for the Move

As generations come and go and with each passing day it seems we need less and less stuff. Whether you’re an empty nester moving from a house into a condo or a renter trading in a two-bedroom for a studio you’ll have to say farewell to some of your belongings. At Ontario Trucking and Disposal Ltd. it’s a narrative we hear frequently. However, you don’t want to simply throw out all your memories. So what is the right way to handle the sensitivity required in downsizing?

Since 1976, our family has been serving the Greater Toronto Area and its surrounding cities with a large fleet of state-of-the-art dump and hauling trucks and over 300 industrial hauling bins. We take on a wide range of workloads from industrial removal to decluttering in preparation for downsizing your living quarters. Throughout the years, we’ve learned a few things that can help you make good choices in downsizing. Prioritize Your Items The first step is to prioritize what is both physically and emotionally essential. It’s also a good opportunity to start thinning out your belongings. Remember, sorting papers and photos takes time so start at least three months ahead of the actual move. Knowing where you’re moving helps to determine what you will have room to keep. Also, envisioning your belongings in the new space with a new floor plan can help with decisions. If an item is destined to be a gift or legacy, we encourage giving it now. Get to Work Next comes process. Start in area of low sentiment like the kitchen or garage. Consider items that will not be needed at the new residence, like a lawnmower. Recycle, reuse, sell and donate items to charities first in order to be environmentally responsible instead of simply throwing items out. While sorting, remember the OHIO rule: Only handle it once. Label your bins keep, sell, donate, and waste. Having an objective friend can help in saying good-bye those items that you never got around to fixing. Also, consider an appraisal if you find an unusual item, like an antique or old painting, before you discard or give it away. Auction houses, booksellers, and other specialty dealers are good places to go to. We’ve all heard of valuable art being bought for pennies from families who didn’t know the value of what they owned. Finally, once everything is sorted, choose a colour or number for the new rooms and mark the boxes destined for that room with a coordinating identifier to make unpacking easy. Waste Disposal Once everything has a home, call Ontario Trucking and Disposal Ltd. to get rid of that accumulated waste with our waste bin rental and disposal service. Let our family help your family. Call Ontario Trucking and Disposal Ltd. at 416-674-6858 today and ask about our same-day service and evening availability.


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