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3 Ways to Prevent People Dumping Trash in Your Dumpster

A dumpster is placed on a driveway of someone's home

If you rent a dumpster for your business, you have probably experienced the frustration of people dumping their trash into your bins. Not only is this illegal and rude, but they might dispose of hazardous wastes that might not be allowed in a dumpster. This could result in legal ramifications or fines.

We came up with three tips for what you can do to protect your dumpster. Read on to learn more.

1. Enclose The Area If you have a dumpster with no door or lid, try to place the dumpster in an enclosed area that requires key access. This will also prevent unwanted access to the dumpster, and it will lower your risk of having to deal with illegally dumped trash. Just make sure that it is accessible to employees.

2. Put Up Signs Some people see a dumpster and think, "It's trash. It's not a big deal." They don't realize the nature of waste disposal and the rules involved. However, if there were a caution sign near a dumpster, it might turn at least some people away.

You shouldn't specify the items that can't be dumped, as people may see this as why they can dump whatever they want. It should simply say "No Unauthorized Dumping" or "For Business Use Only." Sure, that won't stop everyone, but many will get the point. You could be friendly and list nearby dumps, so people know where to dump the trash.

3. Install Security Cameras You can't stay by your dumpster all day, and for obvious reasons, you may not want to. However, you can still keep track of activities around your dumpster via security cameras.

Keep the dumpster in a well-lit area where the camera can pick up what's happening around it. Even if you don't catch the illegal dumper on-site, you can keep track of their faces for future discussion or a police description. That may seem intense, but the reality is that illegal dumping is a serious issue. Dumpster services aren't liable for these issues, but the renter of the dumpster is. There are overage fees for overfilled dumpsters, and illegal dumpers might be creating those overages for you. Dumping in The Proper Bins Now that you have these tips to keep people from dumping trash in your dumpster, you'll have fewer issues to deal with. Follow these tips and protect yourself from paying for someone else's mistake. Contact JCL Group if you need to rent a dumpster. We have several dumpster options to meet your waste management needs for commercial uses, renovation projects, and construction sites.

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