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Your Trusted Supplier for Convenient and Reliable Waste Bins in Toronto

Ontario Trucking & Disposal is just a call away to help keep your construction site neat, clean, and safe from accidents and injury. We provide waste bin rental in Toronto so that you can collect all your construction waste and unwanted materials in one place to ensure a quick, easy and efficient waste disposal.

Reserving one of our bins is simple and barely takes time, allowing you to direct your focus to work at hand. Since any construction site is bound to have unwanted materials that need to be removed, using construction waste bins for Toronto work projects is a good idea.

No matter how much junk you need to remove, we provide a variety of waste bin sizes to fit your needs. Call us now or visit us at our office to schedule the drop-off of our waste bins to keep your construction site in Toronto safe and organized!

The Process of Renting A Waste Bin From Us

  1. Call and reserve a bin: Book online or call our office at 416-674-6858 to request a waste bin for rental purposes. Our staff will conduct an assessment and ask what size waste bin you need to rent for your project. Our sizes range from 4 cubic yards to 40. You are always welcome to visit us at our office and speak with a staff member.

  2. The bin is delivered at your site: Once all the arrangements are made, your rented waste bin will be dropped off at a location of your choice and positioned just about anywhere that you need it to be on the site. Please note that the bin cannot be placed on city roads without a valid permit.

  3. Utilize your bin: After delivery, you’re free to put unwanted materials and junk in the bin, so long as it complies with our limitations on what you can dispose of.

  4. Call us for pick-up: When you’ve finished filling up the rented bins with your construction waste, give us a call, and our staff will collect the bin. After receiving the rented waste bin at our facility, we will weigh your bin, and the contents will be disposed of. You will then be billed for the bin rental and waste disposal carried out by us.

We request you contact us for a waste bin rental at least 24 hours in advance. It takes time to prepare bins for transportation, and advanced warning for when they’re needed next is greatly appreciated. Additionally, our waste bins in Toronto usually are only available for seven days at a time before being picked up. If you feel that seven days is not enough time, please mention this during the reservation, and a surcharge will be added on for each additional day.

Benefits of Renting a Waste Bin

From building to tearing down, renovation, or demolition projects, Ontario Trucking & Disposal will ensure your construction site is free of hazardous and unsightly waste and debris. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quick, reliable, and cost-efficient waste bins in Toronto. Some advantages of renting waste bins from us are:

Flexible Timings
Our waste bin rental services give you the flexibility to finish your project at your desired pace. Our team will deliver and place the rented dumpster at the spot and location on your property for the agreed time duration as per your convenience.

Proper Waste Disposal
Ontario Trucking & Disposal will sort the waste in the dumpster and segregate materials that can be recycled or reused for the environment from other materials that need to be discarded. It will be helpful to note that some hazardous materials cannot be placed in our bins as they threaten the environment if disposed of with regular waste.

Safe and Stress-free
When renting a waste bin, you can eliminate the danger of employees or visitors tripping over construction debris and injuring themselves. This will reduce your risk of costly legal, hospital, or insurance bills and help keep your construction site safe and stress-free!

Contact Us

Generally, it’s better to use a waste bin on your construction site to maintain a clean and safe construction area. Your workers will be grateful for the cleanliness, and a visit from an inspector won’t be nearly as stressful knowing that waste is being disposed of professionally. So get in touch with Ontario Trucking & Disposal today to schedule a drop-off time for a waste bin at your Toronto construction site.


Use our online booking feature to rent a bin for your next construction job!

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