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Keep Job Sites Clean and Safe with Small Bin Rental in Toronto

Do you need to remove dirt, concrete or other debris from your residential or commercial job site? The industrial haulers and removers who work for Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. are the experts you are looking for. We offer large and small bin rental solutions in Toronto to help you eliminate trash and waste. Whether you have a big or small construction job, we offer an array of bin sizes and dimensions to fit all the waste from the job site.

One of the toughest challenges of construction work is keeping an active job site clean and safe. Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. is here to help with cost-effective construction bin rental in Etobicoke. With over 300 industrial hauling bins at our disposal, we offer prompt, on-time deliveries and pickups for all sizes of new construction, renovation and demolition projects. The process is easy, and our bin rental service provides convenience for local businesses throughout Ontario. Get started by calling Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. today for a quote!

OTD Ontario Trucking & Disposal

Types of Waste Collection

If you plan to rent a bin, you need to know the type of waste you will dispose of in the bin, as it helps determine what you need. Waste collection is based on two categories:


Clean fill

Clean fill is classified as only soil or dirt that is clean. It is considered mixed waste if the load has items other than soil/dirt.


Mixed waste

Mixed waste is any mix of materials in the load. For example, if the load contains a mixture of garbage, concrete, rebar or anything else.


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Small Bin Rental in Etobicoke

Do you plan to have a small home renovation project? Keep your project clean and clutter-free with a small bin rental. We offer affordable small bin rentals delivered right to your house. Undertaking a renovation just got that much easier with the convenience of a dumpster bin on your driveway.

Small bin rentals are the best for small cleanups or renovation projects such as house remodelling, deck cleaning, spring cleaning, and patio works. These bins are less than 10 cubic yards, designed specifically to easily fit in driveways or narrow pathways of your property where the larger bins won’t otherwise fit.

We offer a variety of bin sizes for rent! If you’re unsure what size you need, contact our team for help, or check out our FAQ section for questions about our bin rental services.

Advantages of Bin Rental in Etobicoke

There are many advantages to renting a dumpster bin for your renovation projects or construction site. Some of them are:

  • Recycling waste: We can help you simplify your waste sorting and disposal process. We use eco-friendly ways to recycle your recyclable waste instead of just dumping it into a landfill or a junkyard.

  • Saves time: We understand you have a busy work schedule, so we can help save you time by disposing of the waste once your bin is filled up.

  • Health and safety: Renting a bin can help you prevent the risk of pest infestation and tripping on debris around the worksite.

  • Professional work: Every place has certain rules and regulations for waste management. Hiring professional bin rental solutions ensures compliance with the rules and minimizes liabilities.

  • Cost efficiency: Dumping the waste yourself involves several unpredictable expenses like trailer rental costs, disposal charges, etc. The cost of bin rentals includes everything from pickup to drop-off, making budgeting easier for you. Small bin rentals provide a cost-effective solution for waste disposal. Here's how:

    • Affordable pricing: Small bins generally come at a lower rental cost than larger containers. This means you can effectively manage your waste without breaking the bank.

    • Tailored to your needs: Choosing a bin size that accurately matches your waste disposal needs prevents you from overpaying for space you don't require. You pay only for the capacity you use.

    • Reduced transportation costs: Smaller bins are easier to transport, lowering transportation fees. This can be especially advantageous if you need multiple pickups or have limited access to your property.

    • Avoid excess fees: By renting a small bin that suits your waste volume, you can avoid potential overage fees incurred with larger bins.

  • Space optimization: Optimizing available space is crucial, especially in urban or confined environments. Small bin rentals offer space-saving benefits:

    • Fits tight spaces: Limited space on your property or job site? Small bins can fit into tight spaces, alleys, driveways, or locations where larger containers might not be feasible.

    • Minimizes disruption: Small bins take up less space, leaving more room for other activities or equipment. This is particularly advantageous when balancing waste management with ongoing projects.

    • Ideal for residential use: Small bin rentals provide an effective waste management solution for homeowners with limited outdoor space without dominating the yard or driveway.

    • Suitable for small projects: A small bin can accommodate the waste generated without overwhelming your space if you're working on a minor renovation or a smaller-scale project.

​For more information, please feel free to read our blog. You can also connect with a team member to ask any questions.

Some Important Questions Answered

We have tried to compile some of the most common questions about bin rentals for your knowledge. Please have a look!

How Are Bin Rentals Better Than Municipal Waste Pickups?

While you can dispose of your waste through the municipality, it would mean that the garbage will stay on your property for weeks. This will not only be an eyesore and a cause of foul smell but also a tripping hazard for passers-by. Our bin rental process, on the other hand, is safe and convenient. Once your rented bin is full, you can give us a call, and we will come and collect it.


Do I Need a Permit for Dumpster Rentals?

You may require a permit if you place the dumpster anywhere on the city property, such as the street. However, the rules are different for every location. We recommend placing the bin on your driveway for a hassle-free experience.


Can I Dump Anything in the Bin?

A few things are restricted and cannot be dumped in our bins as we are not licensed to deal with organic or hazardous waste. For instance, items like propane tanks, flammable liquids, food waste, etc. should not be dumped in our bins.

What Are Small Bin Rentals?

Small bin rentals refer to renting compact waste containers designed for residential and commercial waste disposal. These bins are suitable for projects with limited waste volume or constrained space.


What Sizes Do Small Bins Come In?

Small bin sizes vary but typically range from 4 to 10 cubic yards. These sizes are ideal for managing waste from smaller-scale projects, decluttering, or residential cleanouts.


What Kinds/Types of Waste Can I Dispose of in a Small Bin?

Small bins are suitable for a variety of non-hazardous waste materials, including household waste, construction debris, yard waste, and renovation leftovers. Prohibited items usually include hazardous materials, liquids, and certain electronics.

How Do I Determine the Right Bin Size for My Project?

The appropriate bin size depends on the amount of waste you expect to generate. Discuss your project details with us; we can help you recommend the best size based on your requirements.

How Do I Schedule a Small Bin Rental in Toronto?

Contact us to inquire about availability, sizes, and rental rates.

Still need more information? Find out what can and cannot go inside the dumpster bin.

Why Choose Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. For Bin Rentals in Ontario?

Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. is the go-to company for bin rentals in the GTA, with over 300 bins available to rent. We specialize in removing dirt, concrete, garbage, asphalt, and snow. Whether it’s bulk household or construction waste, we offer reliable bins to carry all your waste. We are dedicated to giving clientele reliable service at the best price. Contact us today and ask about our same-day service and evening availability.

Responsible, Eco-friendly Waste Removal in Etobicoke

You have enough on your mind trying to meet deadlines and manage the crew; you shouldn’t have to worry about harmfully impacting the environment. As an Ontario business, we are committed to keeping Ontario clean by providing environmentally friendly practices for local businesses. We have made strides in minimizing waste through recycling; we offer eco-friendly waste removal services for your construction site, where we can reuse some of the materials we remove!

When you need construction bin rental in Etobicoke, Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. offers hassle-free and environmentally-friendly waste removal. Contact us today to request a quote for bin rentals in Etobicoke and schedule your delivery.


Use our online booking feature to rent a bin for your next project.

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