How Construction Waste Bins Work

Since any construction site is bound to have unwanted materials that need to be removed, using construction waste bins for Toronto work projects is a good idea. The process of reserving one of our bins is simple and takes very little time, allowing you to direct your focus to the work at hand. No matter how much junk you need to remove, we provide the containers to get it all off the site without causing a headache. Call our offices or come in to schedule the drop-off and pick-up of a waste bin at your construction site.

Renting Waste Bins in Toronto
There are several steps that are part of the process of renting a waste bin, which our staff will gladly assist with. These include:

  1. Call and reserve a bin: Give our office a call at 416-674-6858 to formally request a waste bin. Our staff will go through the necessary steps and fill out the paperwork. You’ll also be asked what size waste bin you need. Our sizes range from 4 cubic yards to 40. And if you would rather come in and speak with a staff member in person instead, that’s fine as well.
  2. The bin is delivered at your site: Once all the arrangements are made, your waste bin will be dropped at the location of your choice, and can be positioned just about anywhere that you need it to be on the site. Please note: the bin cannot be placed on city roads without a valid permit.
  3. Utilize your bin: After delivery, you’re free to put unwanted materials and junk in the bin, so long as it complies with our limitations on what you can dump.
  4. Call it in for pick-up: Once you’re finished filling up construction waste bins in Toronto, just give our office a call and we will have someone come out and take away the bin. When that’s done, we take it back to our facility where it’s weighed and the contents are disposed of, making sure that you’re billed correctly.

Additional Points on Renting Waste Bins
In addition to the above points, we also ask that you contact us for a waste bin at least 24 hours in advance. It takes time to prepare bins for transportation, and advanced warning for when they’re needed next is greatly appreciated. Additionally, waste bins are normally only available for 7 days at a time before being picked up. If you feel that 7 days is not enough time, please mention this during the reservation and a surcharge will be added on for each additional day.

In general, it’s better to use a waste bin on your construction site in order to maintain a clean and safe construction area. Your workers will be grateful for the cleanliness, and a visit from an inspector won’t be nearly as stressful knowing that waste is being disposed of professionally. So call Ontario Trucking & Disposal today to schedule a drop-off time for a waste bin at your construction site.

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