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Keep Job Sites Clean and Safe with Bin Rental in Toronto 

OTD Ontario Trucking & Disposal

Do you need to remove dirt, concrete or other debris from your residential or commercial job site? The industrial haulers and removers who work for Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. are the experts you are looking for. We offer bin rentals in Toronto to help you get rid of trash and waste. If you are unsure about the size of the dumpster needed for your job site, we can help you choose the right one. 

One of the toughest challenges of construction work is keeping an active job site clean and safe. Ontario Trucking & Disposal is here to help with cost-effective construction bin rental in Toronto. With over 300 industrial hauling bins at our disposal, we offer prompt, on-time deliveries and pickups for new construction, renovation and demolition projects of all sizes. The process is easy and our bin rental service provides convenience for local businesses throughout Ontario.

Not only is a tidier construction site safer and more efficient for your employees and business, but it also provides a better impression for any inspectors that may be visiting your job site. Whether you have a big or small construction job at hand, we offer an array of bin sizes and dimensions to fit the cleanup and waste removal needs of your project. Get started by giving Ontario Trucking & Disposal a call today to discuss your construction bin needs!

Types of Bin Rentals in Toronto

Whenever you are planning to rent a bin in Toronto, you need to assure the type of waste you will be disposing of and what will happen to it afterwards. Broadly you can categorize your bin rental choices based on the below mentioned three waste categories:


Clean fill

Clean fill wastes include concrete, interlock, stones, bricks, blocks, soil, grass as well as asphalt. It is usually very heavy. You can rely on our bins to hold your waste disposals.


Mixed waste

It is quite easy to explain as mixed waste or garbage is that which is not a clean fill. It includes waste from home renovations, construction among others. Generally, this type of waste can be reused or recycled.


Hazardous waste

It includes cylinders, paint, batteries, aerosol cans as well as tres. These wastes are usually managed by the local municipality in order to protect your health as well as for proper disposal.


Advantages of Bin Rental in Toronto

You can choose from a wide range of bin sizes and types from Ontario Trucking & Disposal Inc in Toronto. We understand that bin rental is necessary in order to ensure optimal health and safety at home as well as your project site. Bin rental can offer you the following advantages:


Finding the right bin

Irrespective of the size of your waste, renting a bin from a bin rental company can help you find the right solution. We can help you choose the right size and type to ensure optimal usage, meeting your home or commercial work needs.


Minimizes waste

We can also help you in simplifying your waste sorting and the disposal process. We use eco-friendly ways to recycle your recyclable waste instead of just dumping them into the landfill or a junkyard.


Saves time

We can understand your busy work schedule and can assist you in disposing your waste. As a bin rental company in Toronto, we can help you in bin management from your property or work site, by removing the waste inside.


Safety & Health

Renting a bin can help you solve the risk of a serious vermin infestation. Moreover, it can also prevent the spread of foul odours that might be harmful. You can reduce and prevent such situations from arising with the help of our bin rental services.


Why Choose Ontario Trucking & Disposal for Bin Rental?

With industrial bins capable of handling all of your rubble and debris and over 30 tri-axle dump trucks to get a workload done right, the professionals at Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. are the ones you need to clear a construction site. Whether it is for a small or a big industrial removal, Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. is dedicated to giving its clientele good and reliable service at the best price.
Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. specializes in removing:


  • Dirt
  • Concrete
  • Garbage
  • Asphalt
  • Snow

We also offer the following disposal services:


  • Various Disposal Bin Sizes
  • Bulk Household and Construction Waste
  • Over 300 Bins
  • Concrete, Asphalt and Clean Fill Disposal

Disposal bin dimensions:

We offer a variety of construction bin sizes for rental!

Contact Ontario Trucking & Disposal today and ask about our same-day service and evening availability.

Responsible, Eco-Friendly Waste Removal in Toronto

When working on a construction site, you have enough on your mind; you shouldn’t have to worry about harmfully impacting the environment. As an Ontario business ourselves, we are committed to keeping Ontario clean by providing environmentally friendly practices for local businesses. We have made strides in minimizing waste through recycling; we offer eco-friendly waste removal services for your construction site where we have the capability to reuse some of the materials we remove!

When you need construction bin rental in Toronto, Ontario Trucking & Disposal offers hassle-free and environmentally-friendly waste removal. Contact us today for bin rentals in Toronto to request a quote and schedule your delivery.


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