Dumpster size

How to Choose the Right Size Dumpster Rental for Your Next Toronto Renovation Project

Keeping your residential or commercial construction site clean and organized can be a major challenge. But it’s possible to reduce the number of hazards and decrease the chances of an accident when you have the right dumpster rental for the project. Keep reading for a few tips on how to choose the appropriate bin rental for your next renovation project, whether you’re in Etobicoke or elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

Weighing the Options

Rental bins come in many different sizes. The capacity of each container is calculated by multiplying its height, width and length. Choose from bins ranging in size from:
  • 4 cubic yards
  • 6 cubic yards 
  • 8 cubic yards 
  • 10 cubic yards 
  • 14 cubic yards
  • 20 cubic yards 
  • 30 cubic yards 
  • 40 cubic yards

Choosing the Right Size for Your Project
Calculating the right size bin for your needs will depend on the scope of your construction project and how much debris you anticipate. You’ll also need to consider the type and weight of the material you’d like to dispose of. Each bin comes with a maximum weight capacity, so depending on the type of material you’re disposing of, you may reach the maximum weight of a container before you pass the maximum volume.

Why Size Is So Important
If you choose a bin that is too small to handle all of the material you need to dispose of, you risk overloading the bin. Not only can an overloaded bin create a safety hazard, but it may cause damage to the bin. Additionally, it may be impossible for our crew to pick up a bin that is overflowing with material. In this scenario, some of the material will have to be removed and relocated, which can result in more work for your crew, and many hours of lost productivity. Overloading your bins may also result in overage charges that can quickly add up.

If you have large amounts of heavy material to dispose of, consider scheduling multiple bins, or have your bin picked up before it exceeds maximum capacity. A clean job site is safer for your crew, more efficient to work in, and creates a more favourable impression of your operations for official inspectors as well as current and prospective clients.

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